Electric, Inc.


What do you specialize in?
Commercial and industrial electrical installations. Installing power to your new machine or relocating all your machines to a new facility is Steiner Electric's specialty. We also pride ourselves in our ability to design and install energy efficient lighting systems to meet your needs. Please see Ener-Save Services for more information on saving energy on your lighting costs.

How big a project can you do?
We are successful in all projects from the smallest to those topping $1.5 million.

Do you have a designer on staff?
Yes, our electrical design staff can take your project from concept to completion and we do it within your budget.

How big is your team?
We pride ourselves in having our quality team meet your varied project needs. Steiner Electric always fulfills its commitments.

What type of special equipment do you have?
Along with a fleet of fully equipped service trucks we maintain a wide variety of special equipment. This equipment includes an aerial truck, lifts, trenchers, skidster, power benders and more.

What is the demographics of your service area?
We service and maintain satisfied customers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Where are you located?
We are located just north of Milwaukee at 2323 Sylvan Way in West Bend, Wisconsin. See Contact Us at the top of this page for more information.